“Hollywood’s Funny Redheaded Character Actress”

Norma Jean was…

born in Camden, New Jersey, and raised in Watertown, New York, Norma Jean grew up as a typical small-town girl. Her mother actually named her after Marilyn Monroe because she wanted her to be a star. You can imagine a mother’s horror when at age four, Norma Jean had a terrible accident with scissors and suffered near blindness in her left eye.

Just a year later, with the strength of a locomotive, she became interested in dance to overcome her obstacle. Her mother enrolled her in ballet at age five. Little did her mother know, this gift of dance would not only evolve into tap, jazz, creative and ballroom, but would transcend itself into many other art-related interests. During her childhood, Norma Jean played the piano, the flute, and the clarinet. She was in her high school band as color guard and majorette. She also won many USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association) badges, learned to roller skate, snow ski, water ski and operate a snowmobile.

After high school graduation, she held down three jobs and began to live on her own. She got back into the performing arts and tried her hand at Community Theater. In two years (and with no formal acting training), she performed in lead roles in four major productions with Little Theater of Watertown.

Later, she attended college and earned an Associates Degree in Administrative Assistance and later a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. For her amazing efforts in college both academically and culturally, she was awarded both the Wall Street Journal Award for Outstanding Business Student and a spot in the Who’s Who.

Today, Norma Jean’s future remains very busy and bright. With a successful career in the art of Stand-Up Comedy, she not only performs as herself, but brings her mother to the stage in a character called “Bev,” which has left audiences howling with rave reviews. She also has developed a character named, “Lynda Kay”(after her best friend) who is from Fargo, North Dakota. Lynda Kay “reads” her jokes to the audience for approval—she always leaves a warm mark on people’s hearts.

Besides her personal ventures, Norma Jean participates in many creative projects. She works in movies and television; she also Emcee’s Private and Corporate Events including Weddings, Birthday Parties and Charity Events. She is a Talent Manager and Booker for a select few lookalikes and has turned out to be quite the self-made marketing guru. Norma Jean spends her spare time volunteering and serving on committees at both her unions-AFTRA and SAG. Lastly, giving back to community is paramount to her—each week she reads to underprivileged children through SAG’s “BookPals” program.

Well, until now, the only things worth mentioning from Watertown were the original Five and Dime, Car Freshener Trees, Richard Grieco, Mary Margaret Humes and Supermodel Maggie Rizer. Now Watertown can add someone else to its list.

Norma Jean’s biggest goals are: Win an Emmy, an Oscar and meet Barbra Streisand.

A true class act with an “edge,” Norma Jean is definitely “A Super Chick!”


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