Rehearsals for Norma Jean’s One-Woman Show have begun! This evening, Norma Jean and her Director, David Anthony Blair, went through the first 17 pages and some great things are coming together. This is going to be a one-person show like you’ve never seen, lots of super fun elements, not your typical show, that’s for sure.

David Anthony Blair has directed Norma Jean in other productions, including both of the plays at Costa Mesa Playhouse where she was named Actress of the Year for both 2009 and 2011 Seasons. Norma Jean, of course, always credits the Director with the success of a play and certainly, those two were no different.

It is with great joy that Norma Jean has David on this project and both can’t wait for you to see what they will create by the end of the next few weeks.

Test audiences will be invited to the first few showings, FREE OF CHARGE and all that is requested will be immediate feedback from audience members so that the show can be tweeked where needed. This is crucial as this show plans to tour to all major cities in the US. The show will start at Costa Mesa Playhouse then move to Los Angeles and finally off to Colleges, Army Bases, Off Broadway, Community Theaters, etc.

The show will need YOUR help in making this the best it can be.

Written by the incomparable Nicholas Thurkettle (WGA), this 29-page script was nothing short of an amazing task! And of course, the content is just so well-written and fun, Norma Jean is ecstatic over it, to say the least!

Inside Scoop!

Here’s how the show was written: Without giving away the story of the show itself, Norma Jean simply “talked” to Nick for two hours every Wednesday morning for six weeks. She made him breakfast and they just conversed that whole time. It was a part-time job for both to just get through it all, but in the end, two weeks later, after the last Wednesday morning together, a script was done and polished, ready for its first read.

It is our hope that you will keep abreast here for the call of test audiences. You can “Follow” this blog on the right side of the page, making it quick and easy to get the updates as they occur. Click “Join This Site.” See it?


We are not sure if we will keep the tentative title, “Survive and Sing.”

Show title ideas are welcome! We’d love to hear them. Simply leave your idea in a comment here. If there is a winner, you will receive a reward, but it will be a surprise at the show.

Thanks for supporting Norma Jean’s first One-Woman Show. We’re so humbled by the outpouring of interest in this project, even before it began. Truly, Norma Jean has some loyal fans and she loves you all so very much.

In closing…

As Norma Jean always says….


NOTE: David Anthony Blair does not maintain a website, but you can meet him at the show.


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