Sometimes, I ask myself..what’s the point of all this?
It could be about anything, really…

Is there anything you’ve ever thought that about?

Like those helmets that hold two beer cans or a talking scale..
I mean, WHAT is it that attracts us to “odd” things that we fall in love with…

Is it the “new-ness” or just such great marketing that it psychologically sucks us in like some sort of buyer’s vacuum?

Whilst browsing through Rite-Aid today I found myself back in that section–you know the one:

The bra strap adjuster, the yellow sunglasses, the jack you plug into your car to turn your cell into a surround-sound speaker phone, the Ped-Egg, the upside-down strawberry planter..oh! let’s not forget good ole’ chia.

If these things didn’t exist, I wonder if life would be as awesome as it with with them in it.

I mean, what would be the point in living, really.


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Funny Red-headed Character Actress SAG/AFTRA

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