I have to post my review on this movie because I feel, well, it deserves one. I went last night to see this movie at our (mostly) Indie Movie House down here near South Coast Plaza. For those that wish to see the movie, visit Regency Theaters

There are other locations listed there, not sure if they are all showing this film.

Anyway, it took all of about 15 mins or so to figure out the plot. I hate to be able to figure it out so quickly!! The directing was very good, cinematography far exceeds excellence-finely portraying each characters’ surroundings and the depth of each character.

Alas, I hated the ending. I won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say I favor a more definitive ending (that’s just me though).

I wouldn’t say that Charlize Theron is the “star” of this, but rather, the younger version of her character, played by Jennifer Lawrence. I feel for a younger actor, she blossoms in this role. The feeling of this character on screen is believable, well-executed and done flawlessly.

As far as the other characters, it really wasn’t believable that the other children were that of Kim Basinger, they looked nothing like her.

Kudos to my friend Brett Cullen who I know from my days on “Make It or Break It.” He did a fine job in his role (small, but quite notable).

José María Yazpik also gave a stellar supporting performance, no question.

Kim Basinger delivers another great performance and I’m so glad to see her again, it’s been too long.

I DO recommend going to see this, I loved the concept. Very well done and worth the ticket money.

Let me know your thoughts too?


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